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Oddly Normal Volume 1

Oddly Normal Book 1 - Otis Frampton, Otis Frampton

5 stars, buy it


Netgalley review


This is the story of a young half witch named oddly normal who of course is treated badly at school. she wishes everyone gone and then they are gone. She goes to a town called Fignation with her aunt and discovers life is still hard there.


First impression- really like the art and really like the story so far.


I have a serious hard on for young adult graphic novels especially if they include magic. The art is fantastic and full of brilliant bright colors. I love the fantastical imaginary creatures and at times reminds me of Dr Seuss creatures. This was seriously awesome and way too short.I discovered at the end of the book that it was a kickstarter project. I seriously hope there is going to be a volume 2 which i would willingly back.