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Explorer: The Hidden Doors - Kazu Kibuishi

Self Purchase, paperback


4 Stars, buy it


Overall very cute and fun. I pretty much love all of collected edition books by Kazu Kibuishi. I think this one is a bit short and maybe not quite as good as some of the other collections but I still enjoyed this a lot and don’t regret purchasing it for my collection. Recommend for all ages.


Asteria Crane- This is the story of a kid trapped in a nightmare and a doctor, Asteria Crane goes in via some medical contraption to save him. This one is by the editor, Kazu Kibuishi who does the Amulet series. I love most of what he does. Love the art and really like the story. 4 Stars


The Giant’s Kitchen-Cute story of a kid who is too dependent on his spell book. He/She not sure, goes through a hidden door and learns that he/she does not need the book. 4 Stars


Luis 2.0 - This is the story of a kid who is picked on. He goes through a hidden door and becomes someone he isn’t. A tad predictable but cute and sweet anyway. I like the art. 4 Stars


Two Person Door-Another cute story about a young man who is poor. He discovers a door in the forest but the door guardian says there has to be two people to go through, a boy and a girl. The young man finds a girl to go through the door with them but she teaches him that his mom would miss him and they become friends. Cute and I like the art but not as much as I liked the first 3 stories 3 Stars.


Fish N Chips- Not much to say about this one. I did not like the story, not a fan of robots. 2 Stars for story, 4 for art (so I liked the art and not the story). Overall 3 stars


Mastaba- My favorite story of the book. It’s a story of a lonely ancient Egyptian ghost who is lonely. But then robbers try to rob the tomb and little bit of chaos ensues. Very funny and love the art. 5 Stars.


When is a door not a door?- Cute but not fantastic. Story was fine but the art was not great. It particular I found it to be too dark and therefore some of the action was hard to follow. It does have a cute ending. overall 3 stars