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The Bone Clocks

By David Mitchell The Bone Clocks: A Novel - David Mitchell

Star Rating:  3.5 Stars, Borrow it


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First Impression: What a strange book


Technically I didn’t end up finishing this book. But as I read 90% of it I feel like I can still give this a fair review.


I’m having a really hard time trying to describe and review this book, never mind rating it. The first half of the book is best, when the story is all about the characters.  But the second part of the book gets really confusing with all of the people changing bodies etc. It’s hard to follow.  I struggled to finish the book but after all of that committment I really wanted to know what happened to all of the characters even if I didn’t understand everything that went on.  But I ended up not finishing it because the terminology was too much and the end just dragged on and on. I feel like the author could have shortened the ending.