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Alex and Ada #7

Alex + Ada #7 - Jonathan Luna, Sarah Vaughn

4.5 Stars, buy it


This is another very good comic series that I’ve ended up subscribing to via comixology. It’s the story of Alex who is given a robot by his grandmother and they are learning to live together.  The art is rather basic and limited and the first issues it bothered me but now it’s starting to grow on me. In any case, I like the writing and I really like the story idea. The characters are believable and overall a fun read.

Summary: In the previous issue Ada went outside. A neighbor discovered her and is now causing problems for them. Alex and Ada decide to go out into the real world and visit Alex’s grandmother (who gave Ada to Alex). At dinner Ada meets the grandmothers A.I. and you get the sense that there is something going on between the two of them. Alex and Ada then find out its now illegal to have a sentient AI. It’s left at that rather dramatically.