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Artesia Volume 3

Artesia Volume 3: Afire - The Third Book of Dooms - Mark Smylie

5 Stars, buy it.


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This is really an amazing comic series.  The only thing I don’t like is that there is just so much damned text and a lot of it is military maneuvering and I find it hard to follow a lot.  I still have to give it 5 stars because its just amazing. While I don’t read romance or erotica, I wish there was more of it in this series. Artesia is just plain hot. The writing is fantastic, the art is phenomenal (I Love watercolor art) and the story is superb. I honestly can’t say enough of the comic. Also, the characters are really kick ass as well.

In the Prologue, 2 members of her troop (or whatever the correct military term is) go and get into trouble searching for treasure and Artesia has to rescue them. Issue one is more military maneuvering and Artesian agrees to a feast with people she has trapped into a corner. Issue 2 starts with a graphic bang. LOL. Definitely adults only.  It’s hysterical when Artesia is basically having an orgy and the parents, who are rulers of some sort, of some of the men walk in on them getting it on. And again in Issue 3 we have adult scenes at the very beginning. However, things turn more dramatic when a mysterious fog appears and something happens with the captives. Damn this series is amazing- even if a lot of time I have a hard time following it.    Issue 4-6 is basically all political maneuvering.  I really didn’t feel like finishing issue 6, so I just skimmed it.  I can’t remember if Artesia Besieged ever came out when I originally read this series, but I’m hoping if it wasn’t published back then that it will be published now.