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The October Faction #1

The October Faction #1 - Steve Niles, Damien Worm

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First Impression: Loving the art


I’m not normally into creepy and horror but this is very attention grabbing. I probably said the same thing about locke and key but I sorta gave up on that one because it was too confusing. This one seems less confusing so far.  In anycase, this was absolutely awesome. I love the two older teens who are the creepy kids and appear to be summoning spirits. The creepy parents whose relationship is on the fritz are awesome as well. And don’t get me going on how much I Fing LOVE the art. OMG.  Also, the writing is very well done, not confusing, easy to follow. Running to purchase all other issues out and will promptly subscribe to this as well. Yeah, I got a comic book problem. Highly recommend this.