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Albert the Alien Uses the Hallpass

Albert the Alien Uses the Hallpass - Gabo, Trevor Mueller

4 Stars, borrow/buy


Self purchase, paper, via kickstarter


First Impression:  Seems as cute as the other individual issue that I’ve read.

Albert the Alien has to use the bathroom and is given a mask to use as a hallway pass. Then the school bully meets up with him. Albert is forced to help the bully get back to class without being spotted. Alberts friend comes to the rescue and we learn that Albert has to plug in to pee. And there it ends.  Like Albert the ALien goes to the movies, its very short. But there are extras in the back including space to draw a friend for Albert, a word find, secret message puzzle and maze. None of which I’m working on now but maybe in the future. The art is really nice and it’s not very high anxiety provoking for kids as the bully gets what’s coming to him. Overall cute and fun. Worth a read.