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Boneyard Volume 2

Boneyard, Vol. 2 - Richard Moore

5 stars, buy it


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Overall just as hilarious as the first volume and otherwise just as awesome. Abby is the vampire who really wants to be with Michael but all these other women keep trying to get in the way. All the characters are fun. I like Sid a lot- he's the skeleton. Nessie is a bit whorish but funny. Overall i love the characters, the writing and the art with the exception of how Abby is drawn. There's just something weird about the way she is drawn.  Just as good as the first one and highly recommended.


Summary: Poor Michael has crippling debt and of course Nessie is all over him. glump, one of the monsters is being ousted from everywhere he is staying.  Sid and the wolf (blanking on name) drag race and get them all into trouble. Oddly enough, George Takaei's name gets dropped.  Then two of the monsters are forced into a boxing match. Someone else is trying to buy the cemetery from Michael and Glump comes up with a crazy idea to help Michael pay the debt of his ancestor.