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Star Wars: Jedi Academy - Jeffrey Brown

3 Stars/ Abandoned, Borrow


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I’m doing this a bit backwards. I read the 2nd one via netgalley 6 months ago and then purchased the first one which I’m only getting around to reading now.


I’m giving this a 3 star rating even though I’m technically not finishing it. It was cute, but for something that’s supposed to be a graphic novel it had way, way too much text.  I think I actually liked the 2nd book more, this one I almost found annoying and tedious. But I’m sure other people would like it more than me. Maybe i’m just not in the mood for it? Oh well. I liked the second one at least.


Roan is young boy who knew he was going to go to the Pilot school but he is rejected. Soon after he is accepted into the Jedi Academy.  When he gets to the Academy, he suffers like all young kids do at boarding type schools.