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Artesia Volume 2

Artesia Volume 2: Afield - The Second Book Of Dooms - Mark Smylie


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Overall, just as good as the first one. However, its just as confusing and overwhelming with how much detail goes into it. It’s a bit too much military type stuff, but still Artesia is an amazing character and I feel like almost everyone could enjoy parts of it. Again, I think it’s adults only because there is graphic sex and graphic violence. However it’s not done in an unneccessary way. Highly recommend this series.

In the first volume there weren’t really that many obvious sex scenes though I remember vividly there are some. In the first issue of the second volume there is a sex scene and it’s really well done.  As in the first volume, the art continues to be spectacular and the writing is fantastic despite all of the military jabbering confuses me a lot.  Issue two in this volume left me really confused as it was all military stuff and I wasn’t quite sure what was going on. Issue 3 and 4 are more military moving and 5 and six we are back in the swing of fighting again. And at the end of issue 6, Artesia finally declares herself queen.