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City in the Desert, Volume 1

City in the Desert: The Monster Problem - Moro Rogers

4.5 Stars, Buy it

Overall I really found this to be a great graphic novel.  I love how the art is three tones (black, white and sepia). The writing is decent, and the plot is very original. My favorite character is Hari, who is part monster (a guess on my part). This is good for young teens and those young at heart. Irro is very likeable as well, but I prefer Hari. I highly recommend this graphic novel.


Synopsis: I found the first issue to be a little confusing. A man named Irro hunts monsters with a young woman who has a tail and is named Hari. Spiritual advisors to king decide to cut off the source of the monsters leaving Irro and Hari jobless. In issue 3, Hari’s monster side comes out when they meet a monster. They resort to helping the library because they are in need of work.  People in the town start to act funny. Irro discovers it’s the king who has removed everyone’s (most of everyone) conciousness and so Irro and Hari have to flee. At the end, Hari kisses Irro and he rejects her and she is upset