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Artesia Volume 1

Artesia Volume 1 - Mark Smylie

5 Stars, Buy it


Self Purchase, re-read review


I originally read these when they first came out. I loved them then and recently repurchased in digital format and will now do re-read reviews of them.  I had thought I had bought these through Comixology but then I remembered, I got them through Drive thru comics (where I also get Girl Genius).


Wow, this is a reread and I’m still blown away completely by the art. A Freaking amazing. I especially love the combination of color pencils and watercolors. The writing is fantastic and already I remember how confusing this series gets. Which is why I’m going to try to plow through them all close together so maybe I can better  understand all of the politics.  Basically, Artesia is a female Captain in the military. She hears and sees ghosts. I don’t understand all of the politics but there is a lot and I won’t go into.  WARNING, this series should not be read by younger people, as in this fictional world, (like ours should be) there is no sexual hang ups. Sex is shown as good. It can be graphic but its so amazing you won’t care. Also Bisexuality is treated as normal. I hesitate to file it under GLBT but it does contain GLBT elements so I feel like I want to, so I will.   It can get graphic violence wise as well, so really this series is meant for adults.  Anyway, the first volume really isn’t that graphic sexually, it must be in volumes 2 and 3 where it gets very adulty.  I really, really loved reading this again and will probably start on volume 2 tomorrow. Highly recommend.


One of the very, very few things I dislike about the series is all the military stuff. I’m not huge into military type stuff, but it’s so much more than that that I can handle it. It just gets confusing.

Artesia is amazing. And I love that she is bisexual and it’s treated as normal. Also in certain scenes, she looks a lot like Janet Jackson. LOL. And honestly, some of the people look so similar to each other it sometimes gets a bit confusing trying to tell them apart.