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Gotham City Sirens, Volume 1

Gotham City Sirens Book One - Paul Dini, Guillem March

5 Stars, buy it.


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Loved this. I love Catwoman, Harley and Poison Ivy. This was freaking awesome. I love the writing, loved the characters, loved the. There are enough single issues out to make into a volume 2, but honestly I’m not sure I’m going to be able to hold off because I really loved this that much.  I will hold out for now but as soon as I see some other stuff I want immediately on comixology, I will probably add more issues and possibly subscribe. LOL. Comics are addicting. I really love strong women.


Summary of plot


Catwoman, Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy starting sort of working and potentially living together. At the end of the first issue, Poison Ivy demands Catwoman tell them who Batman is. 2nd issue gets intense when Poison Ivy and Harley try to get Catwoman to tell them about Batman.  In this series, apparantly, catwoman does know who he is. Catwoman misleads them. Bruce Wayne kidnapped and Harley rescues him- turns out that its Hush and not Bruce Wayne. I don’t know the Hush character. I did read Batman Hush but I don’t remember much about it right now so maybe I have read a little about it. Can’t remember. Anyway, Catwoman and Poison Ivy go off to find Harley who has been taken by Hush. Somehow the Riddler is dead but Ed Nigma is alive. Batman is working with the riddler- sort of. I’m very confused by the ending of issue #3. Issue 4- joker is trying to kill Harley. Issue 5 The girls call in some help to redo the apartment. The girls go after the Joker.  Turns out the Joker isn’t the Joker. I’ll leave some surprises.  Issue 6- for the most part was pretty boring but I liked the end of it.  I am now wondering if I’m going to have to subscribe to this series as well, once I’ve caught up that is.  Issue 7 is VERY amusing. Poison Ivy goes on vacation to south america I think. Harley goes to visit her family. I really loved this one. Issue 8 is another fantastic issue. Poison Ivy is framed for murder and then is kidnapped. It's up to cat woman and Harley to rescue her. Issue 9- the girls are framed for murder and they enlist the Roddlers help. Issue 10 is a continuation of nine but nothing great though I liked issue 9 well enough. Issue 11 Poison Ivy starts her new job. Issue 12- while Poison ivy is dealing with work cat woman and Harley have to deal with Selina's sister. Final issue is the wrap of of dealing with Selina’s sister.


I love how poison ivy is drawn in this volume.  Love how Batman makes appearances- I’m not huge into superhero types, but I LOVE Batman.  The writing is awesome and so is the art