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Lazarus #10

Lazarus #10 - Michael Lark, Greg Rucka

Overall: 4.5 Stars, buy it

Story: 5 Stars

Art: 4 Stars

Self Purchase, Comixology.

This is another one where I’ve ended up getting a subscription to on Comixology instead of having the torturous wait for the graphic novels. I like that these are DRM free so I can download them and save them.


I appreciate the brief summary at the beginning of the issue. I’m still not over awed with the art, but I suspect it adds to the feel of the dystopian society.  I really miss Forever who is my favorite of the Caryle’s children. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like I’ll see much of her in this story arc. Anyway, the story continues to be fantastic and while the art is decent and  good, it’s not my favorite.


This is the story of Jonah Carlyle- of what happens to him after he tries to wrestle control of their dominion away from his father in a dystopian society.  He seeks asylum with his father’s enemies. Instead, he ends up in prison. Things don’t go according to his plan.