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The Adventures of Kory: Flight of the Kiwi

The Advetures of Kory: Flight of the Kiwi - Paul Martin


3 Stars, borrow it


I find the writing to be a bit choppy, it doesn’t flow that well. The art is ok, but there is something off about it but I can’t tell you what it is. I like that the art takes up all of the space but it’s almost like there is too much detail. Maybe it’s because I’m reading this on my computer and not on paper. In anycase, I realize this is meant to be for kids, but honestly I didn’t feel like it was all that well done. It was ok but definitely just very average.


Plot:  This tells the story of a kiwi in New Zealand and his friends A Wolf goes to New Zealand to try to capture the bird and his family. While Kory and Bert are out fishing, the wolf captures Kory’s family. Kory and Bert go to Bert’s family for help. The police can’t help so they go after Kory’s family on their own. Bert and Kory get help along the way and they try to sneak into the castle where the family is being held. They rescue the family and all ends well