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The Story of Owen

The Story of Owen - E.K. Johnston


3 Stars, don’t bother

So I’m giving this a rating even though I’ve abandoned it at about 56% in. I feel like if you’ve read that much of it you can give it a fair rating.   I picked this out because my son’s name is Owen and I usually love stuff with dragons in it.  But honestly, I was bored to tears. Dragons come, dragons get slain and Owen’s friend becomes his bard. Yawn.  There were things that I did like about this book.    I love how Owen’s aunt is lesbian and a dragon slayer. I obviously love Owen’s name though personality wise he was really flat. I also think it’s not badly written, i just really feel like more needed to happen. I was SO bored. I also found this to be a strange mixture of modern technology (computers, cars) with Dragons. I just don’t find that to be very believable.  It’s a bummer for me cause I was really hoping to love this but I just can’t finish and or waste more time on this.