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Bone Volume 3

Bone, Vol. 3: Eyes of the Storm - Jeff Smith

5 Stars, Buy it.


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The writing and the art are consistent and amazingly good.  I love grandma, I love Thorn, I love Fone Bone. I even really like the Dragon.   I originally read this series years and years ago and even gave them to my nephews who absolutely adored them.  I still love them and have every intention of getting Owen to read them once he actually can read. In anycase, these books are awesome and for most ages. Young kids could get pretty scared by some of the darker stuff and wouldn’t understand some of the more complicated plot. Even if you think you don’t like graphic novels, seriously, give these a try. They are brilliant.


Plot Summary:  Smiley and Phoney Bone are off with Lucious.  Grandma overhears Thorn and Fone Bone talking about their dreams. She is furious and storms off.  They follow but then they are being followed by rat creatures. SPOILERS.  Rat creatures attack and Bone screams for the Dragons help and he appears. Grandma is furious with the Dragon but we still don’t know why she wouldn’t talk about him or acknowledge him. They return home. Thorn and Bone talk to Grandma and surprisingly she appologizes to Fone Bone.  The rat creatures have been listening or trying to. Then we start getting some answers from Grandma but I won’t ruin them..  Trouble Brews.  Grandma hears the rat creatures are on there way and the three of them pack up and leave.