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Albert the Alien Goes to the Movies

Albert the Alien Goes to the Movies - Trevor Mueller, Gabo


4 Stars, borrow/buy it


Self Purchase, kickstarter campaign, paperback.


I haven’t read the graphic novel that I’m sure explains stuff but I wanted to read this individual comic anyway.


Cute and fun, but it didn’t flow well to me. It seemed choppy.. Instead of doing two short stories, they should have done one longer one. I know these are meant for kids but kids attention spans do last longer than 2 or 3 pages.  The thing I really like about these, and is part of the reason I didn’t rate this 3.5 stars, is that there were fun extras in the back. I haven’t done them yet but they look cute. Included in this section is:  1-  a small crossword puzzle 2 - Albert Mad libs 3- Alberts movie trivia challenge and  4- a word search. Alsok, this is autographed which is always awesome. I do look forward to reading the other comic and the graphic novel that I also got as part of this kickstarter campaign.


Pt 1- Albert the Alien is going to the Movies- So it starts with an advertisement for the movie and its obviously a poke at Arnold Schwartzenager. Albert and his friend get talked into sneaking into a movie. I like how Albert doesn’t know a lot of human phrases and what he mumbles out is pretty funny. Of course they get busted trying to sneak in.


Pt 2. Albert the Alien is top dog- Before Albert is on earth there is a boy who is bullying kids in a class while the teacher is out of the class briefly. The teacher comes back and Albert comes in and is introduced. The teacher is called away and Albert’s friend from part one (who they haven’t named yet) is trying to stop the bully, Albert joins in and helps them out. We find out the friends name is Gerty.


Pt 3- Le Petit Chien- not Albert the Alien related- A story of cats! Yeay! They lose the tv remote.