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Tarsiers! Learn About Tarsiers and Enjoy Colorful Pictures - Look and Learn! (50+ Photos of Tarsiers)

Tarsiers! Learn About Tarsiers and Enjoy Colorful Pictures - Look and Learn! (50+ Photos of Tarsiers) - Becky Wolff

I bet everyone thought I stopped doing these! Nope. I really was having very limited time and then had many weeks where I couldn’t telework (which is when I try to do these). I also needed a break from them.  I hope to try to finish all the ones I still have after the new year. But honestly these are kind of a pain in the but since I almost always have to enter all the information into both Booklikes and Leafmarks which is a bit tedious. But despite them being a bit annoying I have missed these and I know at least a few people really like these reviews. I will definitely eventually finish all the ones I still have but since they aren’t offered for free anymore, I don’t think I will be adding any new ones unless I discover one of a particular animal that I really love. What I hope to do instead of these are the National Geographic kids series which I think my son will love. I’m willing to pay $3 or $4 for those since they are so well done. In anycase, without any further ado, here is the latest look and learn review. Enjoy!!


Rating: 4 Stars, Borrow it


Pictures are decent and barely pixielated. Very strong on facts and extremely informative. I definitely would recommend this one, but again like all the previous ones I wouldn’t recommend purchasing it because if you are going to spend money on a book for kids, I suspect there are much better ones around.  These books tend to be slammed together and have no nice formatting or anything elsel.

Did you know?


Tarsier is a small primate that lives on islands in Asia

Data can be hard to collect on them because they are very shy and elusive

They are nocturnal

Tarsiers have long legs which enable them to leap distances up to 15 feet between branches.

They are able to move their heads 180 degrees in either direction

Tarsiers are incredibly vocal (I didn’t know that. I wonder what they sound like!)

Females give birth to a single baby

Tarsiers are the only completely carnivorous primate in the world

Each eye is heavier than its brain. -- Ok then.

They have inhabited the earth for more than 40 million years

There are 18 different species of tarsiers-- WOW!