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The Strange LIbrary

The Strange Library - Ted Goossen, Haruki Murakami


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Just as a fair warning, I love Haruki Murakami (as in he’s my favorite author of non genre literature).. His last book, I liked but  I think I only gave a four stars. In this short story, I feel like he returns to his true form. This was brilliant and weird and totally awesome. I swear he must have had a weird dream that prompted this story.  Surreal, and very beautifully written. The only things missing were cats and classical music.  He did manage to get some food descriptions in. Anyone who’s read more than one Murakami book will get those references.  This is the story of a boy who gets sucked into an underworld of sorts at a library.   If you’ve never read Haruki Murakami, this is probably not the place to start as it is slightly weirder than normal for him.