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Gotham Academy (2014-) #3

Gotham Academy (2014-) #3 - Becky Cloonan, Brenden Fletcher, Karl Kerschl

5 Stars, Buy it.


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Plot/Storyline: Silverlock aka Olive,  is in detention and is going to meet up with one of the people who summoned a ghost to the school. Silverlock meets up with Kyle to explain why she disappeared over the summer. Silverlock et all finally manage to break into the North Hall which has been borded shut since the previous year at school. SIlverlock believes she’s been there before but not sure how or when. And the issue ends on a cliffhanger when an arm reaches out of the whole of the floor to grab the girls.


Art/Colors: I love the dark colors, it definitely fits the mood and feel of batman though he hasn’t made an appearance  (yet I hope).


Characters:  I love the character Maps- or Mia. She is the sister to Kyle who was or is Silverlocks boyfriend. Maps is cute and smart and fun. I could totally see her being lesbian. Olive, aka Silverlock, is smart and mysterious and we have a lot to learn about her.


Writing: The writing is not fantastic but its really good and I still feel this issue deserves a 5 stars because while the kids are teenagers, they aren’t making them annoying and stupid.


So, overall, I continue to love this series. It’s a total guilty pleasure and it’s going to be a painful wait for the next issue to come out.