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Saga #20

Saga #20 -  Fiona Staples, Brian K Vaughan

4.5 Stars, buy it

4  Stars Story

5 Stars Art


Self Purchase, Comixology

Starts with some human robot lovin. My online friend may enjoy this. She knows who she is.

And this one ends with a bang like issue #19 did. Wow.  I was only going to rate this issue 3.5 because there wasn’t enough with the main characters and too much robot stuff going on but by the end of the issue I had to up my rating.  This series is consistantly awesome and maybe one day I will get around to finishing some of Brian K Vaughn’s other series (Runaways, Y the last man). Anyway, definitely a good read and I’m liking I don’t have to wait a million years for the next volume.