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The Complete Elfquest Volume 1: The Original Quest (Elf Quest)

The Complete Elfquest Volume 1: The Original Quest (Elf Quest) - Richard Pini, Wendy Pini

5 Stars, buy it


Self Purchase, Kindle


First Impression: Intense. I immediately am drawn in and like the characters.


No wonder this is considered a classic. I do find the writing to be a bit over dramatic.  But I still really love the writing anyway. So glad this finally is making it to the Kindle. One concern (and really its minor) is that I felt like it should have been broken down into smaller chunks. This volume takes up a huge amount of space on my Kindle.  I also would have preferred to stop and start after a few issues but I was/am running out of room on the kindle and so needed to finish this to make more room. I also must admit I was so dying to finish this already that I skimmed the last two story chapters. I absolutely love the series, but it gets so wordy that I got frustrated and skimmed in parts where I felt like it went on too long.  I do believe when the second volume comes out in January, I will take more breaks between the stories because it was just frustrating. Anyway….


I think my favorite character is Skywise. He’s sweet and cute. I LOVE him in fact. He’s subtle and smart and not in your face like Cutter who seems arrogant.  I like the trial between Cutter and Rayek. And Cutter shows he is a decent elf.   I like the name of the fictional animal Zwoot(s). I love the name Dewshine!!   Love the name Rainsong. I Also love treestump. Ok, so I love most of the characters!




One problem I see with this series, and please understand I realize this was written/drawn in the 70’s/80’s. But, I don’t like the way Cutter declares that Leetah is hers. I realize this is a meant to be a meant to be type of thing, but it still has overtones of sexism and hinting toward rape. I may be overly sensitive but it rubs me the wrong way a little bit.


Drunk elves are funny. I like how Cutter is bitten by a squirrel and gets sick but Skywise (whom I totally have a crush on) takes care of him. Very anxiety provoking- especially when Nightrunner goes on alone. I love the “fight” Cutter and Skywise get into with the tiny little fairies.  And you just know I LOVE Petalwing. I love the reunion Cutter has with Leetah and the kids.


Winnowill is evil but I can’t figure out if Lord Voll is or not. They are interesting. Tyldak also confuses me. I can’t believe he recognizes one of the wolfriders.  Of course my anxiety sky rockets when Suntop is taken.


OMFG I Did not see that coming. *jaw dropped*. Anyway Around page 535 there is a serious plot twist which you can tell took me seriously by surprise.  OMG ELF ORGIE!!! *Giggle* Interesting, not quite sure if what is implied actually happens,

Overall, this is just freaking amazing. Despite the wordiness and it being in black in white, this truely is amazing. Highly recommend to anyone who likes graphic novels and elves.