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The Other Side of the wall

The Other Side of the Wall - Simon Schwartz

Overall 4.5 Stars, borrow it.


Netgalley review.


This book/graphic novel holds particular interest to me because my mom was born in Germany in 1941- right during WWII. I don’t speak German, but my sister does. And while I’m sad I never learned it, I’m still interested and or facinated by WWII Germany.


This is not like Maus the graphic novel. This is not a story of WWII and the holocaust. What it is, is a story about a family who tried to emigrate from East Berlin to West Berlin. Eventually they succeeed but this graphic novel is the story of how they do it. It’s told in the voice of the young child whose parents went through a lot of trouble to immigrate.  In anycase, I found it powerful and moving. The art could have been better, but it wasn’t awful or terrible. If you are interested in Post WWII Germany, I’d recommend it. It’s a short book and I read it in 45 minutes or so. Also, unless you really know you are into Germany related work, I’d probably borrow as opposed to buying this.  But I would buy this for a friend.