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Lookouts #01 May We Die in the Forest (Aug 2012)

Lookouts: May We Die in the Forest (Lookouts #1) - Cory Jones, Jerry Holkins

Overall 4.5 Stars, Buy it.


Star Rating Art:   5 Stars

Star Rating Story:  4 Stars


Self Purchase, Comixology


Single Comic issue (aka not a full graphic novel)


First Impression:  Like the art a lot. Lots of detail, rich colors


And this is why I try to read the graphic novels and not the single issue comics. Very cute and fun. But it went by way too fast.  There are four kids training to be guardians of a village. They have to face a Sphinx but they have to do a training run on a troll and there ends the first issue. Just as I was getting into it. Anyway, tomorrow is a vacation day for me so I’m planning on doing lots and lots of reading so maybe I can get to issue two of this.


And for those of you who are interested, instead of having an app for Marvel an app for DC Comics, I’m just using Comixology which has an awesome reading flow on the iphone. Highly recommend this over having an app for each comic company.