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Bone: The Great Cow Race

Bone, Vol. 2: The Great Cow Race - Jeff Smith

5 stars, buy it


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Amazing, Amazing, Amazing. Everyone should be reading this series.


The first issue in this volume, Fone Bone is still infatuated with Thorn. He does a Winnie the Pooh to get honey for Thorn. the next story, Fone bone finds out about his cousins scheme. Thorn continues to have dreams about Dragons and wonders about her past. Issue #9 is build up to the great cow race aka Phoney Bone’s scheme. Rat creatures have Fone Bone. issue #10 is the great cow race and OMG is it hysterical. The art was fantastic and captured the race perfectly. This book is just as good as the first. The mystery is building as to what is going on with the rat creatures and the dragon and thorn. Highly recommend this series to everyone.