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Clover's Luck: The Magical Animal Adoption Agency Book 1

Clover's Luck - Kallie George

2.5 Stars, Don’t Bother


Netgalley review.


A young girl named Clover has lots of bad luck. Especially when it comes to keeping pets. One day while walking, she discovers an ad looking for volunteers for a magical animal adoption agency. She goes and volunteers there. She didn’t realize there would be magical animals despite the name. The person who runs the shelter disapears and a wicked witch plays a trick on Clover.


The illustrations are nice. But because this is an advance copy, the formatting is weird in places but not to the point of being unreadable. I can tell the illustrations are really sweet.  I think this could be a little anxiety provoking for kids who were like me.


Overall this had the potential to be whimsical and sweet but it was full of typical fairytale ideas and was really quite overdone. There was no explanation as to why the the magical agency guy just disapears and its a really big glaring omission.   I do think this could be better with some more fleshing out. But as it is, it’s just not that good.