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Girls Night Out: The Way Love Goes

Girls Night Out: The Way Love Goes - Amy Chu

3.5 Stars, Buy it for collection


Kickstarter, Papercopy.

This kickstarter comic has short stories collected. Some carry over issue to issue, others do not. This is the third in the series, and I’m seriously hoping there will be more in the future. Needless to say, I’m glad I helped kickstart this!  However, this is the weakest one in the series. Too many WTF stories. I’d still buy it for collection and or to help an indie author out.


Girls Night Out: Best Friends- Nursing home setting but also goes back in time. Great read, really want to see where this goes. 4 Stars


Captain, My Captain- This is a new story in the collection. A bit crazy.  Someone kills the captain of a space ship. A robot retalliates. 4 Stars


Saving Abby: Old Friends- Another continuing story of a woman hired to save a rich person’s cat. (the main character of this is the basis of a cutout doll that came with the kickstarter package). 4 Stars. Can’t really go wrong with talking cats.


The Date- New Story for the series. Kinda lame and pointless. 3 Stars


Big City, In the beginning- another new one. Worse than the previous story. 2 Stars.  This volume not shaping up well


Bob and Ted: In the Friend Zone- continuing story of a son and father who reconnect through online gaming. Strange but funny and cute at the same time 4 Stars.


Enduring Love- Another new story. Weird. About a guy who is trying to get flowers for his girlfriend. 3 stars


Single Serving- New story. The final one in the book. This is a WTF sort of story. About speed dating. Blood is served. Weird. 3.5 Stars